Class Information & Schedule

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Dance for Young Children w/ Christine Harris

Moving Tales: Creative Dance    Ages 3-4

Open up favorite storybooks and leap into an adventure! Children are inspired to explore movement through stories, poetry, illustrations and music. Classes begin with a Yoga inspired warm up.    Saturdays 9-9:45am    

Fantasy Ballet: Pre-Ballet Ages 5 -6

Discover the magical world of ballet! Princes and Princesses, fairies and woodland animals spring, skip, soar, fly and leap.

Children are introduced to ballet vocabulary, steps and class progression through imagery, stories and the great ballets.

Thursdays 4-4:45pm or Saturdays 9:45-10:30am   



Ballet Technique


Level 1     Beginners      Ages 7-8                

Tuesdays 4-5pm                    w/Christine Harris

Saturdays 10:30-11:30am        w/Christine Harris


Level 2    Intermediate Beginners    Ages 8 – 9

Tuesdays 5-6pm                    w/Christine Harris


Level 2/3   Intermediate    Ages 9-11

Saturdays 11:30- 1pm       w/Christine Harris


Level 3   Intermediate    Ages 10-11

(2 classes per week w/pre-pointe)                          

Thursdays 4:45-6pm        w/ Christine Harris

Saturdays 11:30- 1pm       w/Christine Harris


All students attending Pointe class must attend 3 technique classes per week at Moving Light (3rd class may be Modern or Contemporary).


Level 4 Advanced Intermediate (3 classes per week w/ pointe)

Mondays 4-5:30pm    Pointe 5:30-6pm

w/ Avi Waring

Fridays 4 -5:30pm   Pointe 5:30-6pm

w/ Christine Harris

(3rd Ballet class option Thursdays 4:45 -6-:30pm)


Level 5 Advanced (3 to 4 classes per week)

Mondays 6-7:30pm   Pointe 7:30-8pm

w/ Avi Waring

Tuesdays 6 -7:30pm   Pointe 7:30-8pm

w/ Christine Harris

(3rd Ballet class option Fridays 4-6pm)


Modern w/Christine Harris

This class explores Martha Graham Technique.

Contractions, curves, spirals, tilts, falls, floor work and weight shift will all be explored with a special attention

to develop clarity, flow and strength.

Intermediate Teens & Adults

Thursdays 6:30-8pm


Contemporary w/Avi Waring

Combining ballet, modern and jazz concepts, this class will explore what it takes to move and dance bigger and more ferociously without wasting effort. Learn to transfer momentum throughout the body and carve through space with intention and clarity. And yes, there will be music with words!

Level 1    Beg   Ages 7-9   

Wednesdays 4-5pm     


Level 2 Inter Ages 10-12 

Wednesdays 5-6:30pm


Level 3 Adv Teens & Adults   

Wednesdays 6:30-8pm



We will explore the process of making dances in these classes through improvisation and other methodology, for example: theme and variation. Dancers will be given assignments and required to work on movement independently to present in these sessions. We will work together giving feedback about what we see and support one another through each individual process. Works in Progress will be shown at October showing. Final works will be presented in Student choreography showcase in the spring.

Wednesdays 8 – 8:30pm w/Avi Waring
Thursdays 8 – 8:30pm w/Christine Harris