Company Member Requirements

Company Member Requirements: 

Below are Company member responsibilities. When committing to be a member of the company dancers are agreeing to the terms below and understand that if they do not comply they may be cut from a piece or the company.

1. Pay the Company Fee.

2. Company members must attend the dance technique class prior to rehearsal week in order to participate in the Green Mountain Nutcracker.

3. Dancers are expected to commit fully to the production by being present at all rehearsals. We understand that dancers have other responsibilities and prefer to have a full commitment. One missed rehearsal will be excused.



Dancers are required to attend the audition to participate as a company member. Attending the audition shows commitment to the project as well as gives the directors a chance to best cast the production. The auditions are informal and all dancers receive a part.


 Casting Dancers Parts:

Parts are given after the audition and given based on age, merit and commitment. 


Company Class:

Adult & Teen Company members are required to attend class prior to rehearsals. Company class is mandatory for the health and safety of the dancers.



Rehearsals are mandatory to ensure a productive and enjoyable process and successful performance.


Company Fee:

The company fee helps cover the preliminary costs of creating the production. Your support is crucial to the creation of this experience for the dancers and the community.

Youth Company Ballet Level 1: $100

Youth Company Ballet Level 2 &3:  $150

Junior Company Ballet Level 4: $200

Teen Company Ballet Level 5: $250