Company Member Requirements

Moving Light Dance Company  

Below are the requirements to participate as a Company member.

When committing to be a member of the company dancers are agreeing to the terms below and understand that if they do not do their best to act accordingly, they may lose their role in a piece or place in the company.

Click here for the Commitment Form for the Moving Light Dance Company Requirements.


1.Pay the Company Fee at the Audition.

Company Fee:

The company fee helps cover the preliminary costs of creating the production. Your support is crucial to the creation of this experience for the dancers and the community.

Youth Company Ballet Level 1: $150

Youth Company Ballet Level 2 & 3:  $200

Junior Company Ballet Level 4: $250

Teen Company Ballet Level 5: $300

Parents may sign up for a Volunteer position and then deduct $50 from the Company Fee. Volunteers must contribute 2 hours. See Volunteer Job List.


  1. Attend the audition and do your best.

Auditions: Dancers are required to attend the audition to participate as a company member. Attending the audition shows commitment to the project as well as gives the directors a chance to best cast the production. The auditions are informal, and all dancers receive a part.

Casting Dancers Parts: Parts are given after the audition and based on age, merit, commitment and individual need as well as the need of the company and production as a whole.


  1. Commit to being present at all rehearsals.


Rehearsals are mandatory to ensure a productive and enjoyable process and successful performance. We understand that dancers have other responsibilities and prefer to have a full commitment. One missed rehearsal will be excused. Please communicate in advance for any planned missed rehearsals. This factor will affect casting.


  1. Commit to attending Company Class or the technique class prior to rehearsals and follow the

Company Class:

Youth Level 2 & 3, Junior & Senior Teen Company members are required to attend class prior to rehearsals. Company class is mandatory for the health and safety of the dancers.


  1. Honor the Process.

Principles of Company Member Behavior

  • Maintain a positive and flexible attitude.
  • Arrive to rehearsals on time and prepared to dance (proper dance attire, water and energy) and be a productive part of the process with the intention to do your best.
  • Learn choreography and practice outside of rehearsals.
  • Communicate challenges with choreography in a timely manner.
  • Support and respect the creative process as a whole and the process of each dancer and director.

Ways we can support the process of the whole and individual.                                                                Practice patience. Check in with self and others. Listen to self and others. Work together to review material. Lead when appropriate and follow when appropriate. Communicate issues in a kind and respectful manner. Only speak with good purpose.

  • Communicate any issue with rehearsal schedule, illness or injury immediately.
  • Be kind and compassionate to yourself, other dancers, and the directors when there is a challenge, or a mistake is made.
  • Communicate directly with anyone you are having issues with.
  • Communicate with a director if issues can not be resolved.


  1. Junior & Senior Company Members are required to participate in strike.

Strike: Dancers will sign up for a strike job during production week. At the end of the performance run dancers will have 20 minutes to connect with family and friends. Dancers will be excused at 6pm.


  1. Parents of all company members have the option to Volunteer 2 hours. Volunteers can choose from a list of jobs. If a parent chooses to volunteer, they may deduct $50 from the company fee.